The best legal service we can give is to put our clients in a position to conduct their affairs in a way that empowers them to identify and act on credentialing, peer review, and other matters, in a way that allows them to achieve their aim (protecting patient safety and quality care), while also providing fundamental fairness to practitioners and minimizing legal risk.

Education is key.

At the request of our clients, we often make onsite visits to provide education, consulting, and/or legal services. Through these visits, we are able to deliver one of our national seminars to an individual health system or hospital. We also use onsite visits to provide education that is tailored to meet the request of the individual client and/or to address the need for education that we have identified during the course of working with the client.

We offer our clients a high-level partnership. We know your industry and get inside your organization to help you achieve your goals. We create connections, identify opportunities, and minimize risk, all resulting in your organization’s success.