Hospital-Physician Contracts – The Essentials

To say that a lot has changed in the past year would be a huge understatement. There have been major changes to the Stark regulations and Anti-Kickback safe harbors, and last April, CMS published blanket waivers for some of the Stark Law restrictions related to the COVID public health emergency. The OIG followed suit saying that it would follow the lead of CMS in enforcing the Anti-Kickback Statute.

Then in December, CMS and the OIG issued final regulations as part of the “Regulatory Sprint to Coordinated Care” which made significant amendments to the Stark regulations and Anti-Kickback safe harbors which were, for the most part, provider-friendly.

Join HortySpringer partners Henry Casale and Dan Mulholland for their on-demand educational series that explores how these new rules can affect hospital physician financial relationships, as well as reviewing the fundamental legal rules that apply to those relationships. The first two are available now.

Session 1 Focuses on the basics – the Stark Law, the Anti-Kickback Statute and safe harbors and rules governing tax exempt organizations, with a particular emphasis on the recent regulatory changes.

Session 2 Deals specifically with physician employment contracts, and gives practical advice on how to structure them, not only to be legally compliant, but also to protect the interests of the employer.

Future sessions will deal with value-based arrangements, exclusive contracts, physician practice acquisitions and other physician-hospital relationships.

These videos will be helpful for both new as well as experienced compliance professionals, legal counsel and managers with responsibility for physician contracts.  To order your videos, click here


Session 2:

Session #2

Presented by: Dan Mulholland, Henry M. Casale

Supplementary Materials

Session 1:

Session #1

Presented by: Dan Mulholland, Henry M. Casale

Supplementary Materials


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