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Career Ending Penalty Imposed by Medical Board was “Clearly Excessive”

The California Court of Appeal ordered the Medical Board to set aside its order revoking a physician’s license and to determine a new form of discipline that is more appropriate.  Five years after a physician had pled guilty to charges stemming from misrepresentations to an insurance carrier, which resulted in his receiving disability insurance benefits, the Medical Board revoked his license. Finding that the goal of discipline is not to punish the physician but to protect the public and rehabilitate the physician, the court ruled that the career-ending penalty imposed was “clearly excessive” and an abuse of discretion. 

Pirouzian v. Super. Ct. of L.A. Cty.

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Question of the Week

We have an applicant for appointment and clinical privileges who seems to have an unusual number of malpractice cases in his history.  Do we need to do anything with this information if everything else about the applicant checks out?

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