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Our newest virtual seminar is based on the principle that “better has no limit” especially when it comes to peer review best practices! The Deep Dive supplements our Peer Review Clinic and provides an in-depth review and discussion of all things peer review, whether the issue is clinical quality, conduct, health, or utilization. This seminar provides numerous experience-tested recommendations from years in the trenches, as well as substantial new supplemental materials to help your cause. Learn them, use them, and better achieve the two main goals of promoting patient safety and practitioner success!*

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Further Chipping Away of the Peer Review Privilege

The Superior Court of Delaware granted in part a motion to compel discovery of certain peer review documents against a hospital in a case arising out of a failure to supervise claim.  The documents being sought involved a physician on the hospital’s medical staff who operated on a patient’s meningioma despite MRI results that indicated it was stable.  The patient experienced a stroke and died a year later after which the surviving spouse sued, claiming the surgery was unnecessary, lacked informed consent, and was negligently performed.  The spouse also alleged the health system was liable for supervision and failure to control the physician, claiming the system was aware of the physician’s propensity to commit negligent surgeries because at the time of her husband’s surgery the physician had been named as a defendant in 31 medical malpractice cases, the system a co-defendant in 15 of them.  The spouse sought production of documents related to peer review committees at the hospital which the health system claimed were subject to the peer review privilege.
Palmer v. Christiana Care Health Servs., Inc.

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We are currently doing an update to our medical staff bylaws, and, as part of the process, have been really focusing on how our committees are structured – making sure they’re accurate, updating functions – things we haven’t looked at in a decade.  One of the biggest issues we have is that we have so many committees and it’s the same six people who seem to have to sit on all of them because we just don’t have that many people who are willing to serve any more.  Any suggestions?

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