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EMTALA Claim Fails

A man who lost his legs after a severe car crash sued a hospital claiming it failed to properly stabilize his emergency medical condition after it admitted him and then waited for the appropriate surgeons to arrive. However, the hospital was granted a motion to dismiss after the district court held that the good faith admission of an individual as an inpatient is a complete defense to any claims alleging a failure to stabilize under EMTALA.

Williams v. Dimensions Health Corp.

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Question of the Week

We have an applicant for medical staff appointment who disclosed on her application that she was under probation for a time during her residency.  Despite our requests, she has refused to provide any additional information related to this matter.  She also has declined to authorize the site of her residency to release any information to us.

We have language in our bylaws stating that the burden is on the applicant to provide any information requested, or his or her application will be held as incomplete.  Is this a situation where we can enforce this provision?

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