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The Supreme Court of the United States affirmed a court of appeals decision that the government’s policy that reduced payments to hospitals serving low-income patients must be vacated for failing to identify a lawful excuse for neglecting its statutory notice-and-comment obligations under the Medicare statute. In 2014, the government changed its policy in counting Part C enrollees of Medicare as “entitled to benefits under” Part A when calculating additional payments to hospitals that serve a “disproportionate number” of low-income patients. The additional payments are calculated by “Medicare fraction,” which uses the time the hospital spent caring for patients who were “entitled to benefits under” Medicare Part A as the denominator. Click here to read more>>

Azar v. Allina Health Servs.

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Question of the Week

A registrant at our April Complete Course for Medical Staff Leaders in New Orleans submitted a question about waiver of threshold eligibility criteria for an applicant (a general practitioner who did an internship in 1985 but not a residency and so cannot even sit for the boards, who has been doing only outpatient primary care since). The criteria specify that grandfathering is possible for those who finished training before 1985; after 1985, a physician must achieve board certification within three years of appointment. All references are excellent. What can we do?

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