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The federal district court for the Western District of Wisconsin, earlier this year, dismissed a formerly employed dermatologist’s suit for breach of an agreement to provide to potential employers the dates of employment, with no reference to any performance issues. The physician Chair of the dermatology department answered a credentialing inquiry from a hospital in another state by rating the dermatologist’s performance in a few areas as “fair.” The court ruled that the separation agreement did not apply to peer review information sought in medical staff credentialing.

Gallo v. Mayo Clinic Health Sys.-Franciscan Med. Ctr., Inc.

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Question of the Week

A registrant at our Complete Course for Medical Staff Leaders in New Orleans two weeks ago asked:

Appreciated the suggestion in the case study to hold an application incomplete if there remain questions and concerns, but couldn’t the Credentials Chair or another physician leader suggest that an applicant withdraw the application?

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