Disability Discrimination
A federal district court granted a medical center’s motion for summary judgment in a case arising out of a resident physician’s claims of disability discrimination based on a narcolepsy diagnosis.  The court ruled that the evidence showed the resident was unqualified because he could not perform the essential functions of his job as he was frequently tardy, and that numerous issues were reported before the resident’s diagnosis; thus, the evidence did not support that he was terminated solely due to his diagnosis. Sholes v. Bd. of Regents

Breach of Contract and Discrimination
A federal district court granted a hospital’s motion to dismiss a physician’s claims of breach of contract and discrimination, among other things, after it had suspended his clinical privileges, based on the claims being untimely. Nwaneri v. George Wash. Univ. Hosp.

Americans with Disabilities Act
A federal appeals court vacated the judgment of a district court in a case involving the question of whether a hospital’s policy of hiring the most qualified candidate violates the Americans with Disabilities Act when a qualified disabled employee asks for reassignment to a vacant role, even when he or she is not the most qualified applicant.  The appeals court remanded the case to the district court to determine whether there is a genuine issue of material fact as to whether an exception to the hospital’s policy can constitute a reasonable accommodation. Equal Emp. Opportunity Comm’n v. Methodist Hosps. of Dall.