Bube v. Apirus Hospital
The United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin dismissed a lawsuit filed against a hospital, alleging it violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the ADA when it mandated the COVID vaccine for employees. The lawsuit was brought by two nurses who were terminated for not getting vaccinated. The district court found that the nurses’ Title VII claim did not hold up because while they used vague language to object to the vaccine on religious grounds, the details showed their objections were based on their personal views about the efficacy of the vaccine. Their ADA claim was dismissed because of the district court’s previous findings that the ADA does not apply to vaccine mandates. Bube v. Apirus Hospital

Burchfield v. S. Louisiana Med. Assocs.
The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana partially granted and partially denied a multi-specialty medical group’s motion to dismiss a nurse practitioner’s claim of gender-based discrimination under Title VII and the Louisiana Employment Discrimination Law. The nurse practitioner claimed she was discriminated against by male physicians after a clinical case she was involved in went poorly. While the district court denied most of her claims, it did find the nurse practitioner made sufficient allegations to support her claim that the group treated her less favorably by assigning her to less desirable shifts with lower pay after the patient care incident occurred. Burchfield v. S. Louisiana Med. Assocs.