Peer Review Best Practices Webinar Series

What works with peer review? What doesn’t?
Click here to find out why Paul Verardi thinks hospitals and physician leaders need a whole new set of tools to do it right.

Join Paul Verardi and Phil Zarone for this unique four-part webinar series on Peer Review Best Practices and take advantage of the experience, wisdom, and sometimes painful lessons of generations of physician leaders.  Yes, it’s possible! Effective and constructive peer review can be done!

How are these webinars different from others?

Paul and Phil – faculty of Horty Springer’s Peer Review Clinic – work with physician leaders on a daily basis to find practical solutions to their problems.

For each session, they will offer their perspectives and “from-the-trenches” tips and recommendations.  But they will also provide and review experience-tested template letters, checklists, forms, and policies that will save you hours of time and help you promote patient safety and quality care while assisting your colleagues to be successful.

Get your Medical Staff and Hospital on track.   Join Paul and Phil for: