Oklahoma Economic Credentialing Statute

Okla. Admin. Code 310:667-9-5(g)

310:667-9-5. Staff qualifications

(a)  Members of the staff shall be qualified legally, professionally, and ethically for the positions to which they are appointed.

(b)  To select its members and delineate privileges, the hospital medical staff shall have a system, based upon definite workable standards, to evaluate each applicant and make recommendations to the medical staff and to the governing body regarding appointments.

(c)  Privileges may be extended to duly licensed qualified persons to practice in their appropriate specialty fields only if appropriate to the services provided by the facility.

(d)  Criteria for selection shall be individual character, competence, training, experience, judgement, and comity.

(e)  Under no circumstances shall the accordance of staff membership or professional privileges in the hospital be based solely upon certification, fellowship, or membership in a specialty body or society. All qualified candidates shall be considered by the credentials committee.

(f)   The scope of privileges for each member shall be specifically delineated or the medical staff shall define a classification system. If a system involving classification is used, the scope of the divisions shall be well defined, and the standards which shall be met by the applicant are clearly stated for each category.

(g)  Patient admission quotas or revenue generation minimums shall not be a condition for medical staff appointments or reappointments.