HortySpringer Seminars

HortySpringer has been offering seminars for hospital and health system executives, trustees and physician leaders for more than 40 years. We have always designed our programs with a team fee because we have found that it usually requires at least three or four Board members or physician leaders to implement changes or to move forward on any particular matter.

You can use the seminar registration team fees to send a team to one seminar in one location, or you can use the registrations at multiple locations and for multiple programs.

Can a hospital pay for physician attendance?

HortySpringer offers seminars and workshops for medical staff leaders, hospital and health system board members and executives, legal counsel, and other management personnel. CME credit is provided for most programs.

Register online or call 1-800-245-1205.

Travel not in your budget?  We can customize a program for you at your hospital.

Or, we can design an Annual Education Package customized to meet your education needs, save you money and allow you to budget an easy monthly payment.