Annual Education Packages


Struggling to figure out how to educate your hospital leaders on a tight budget?

We can help by designing an Annual Education Package that meets your education needs, saves you money and allows you to budget an easy monthly payment.

Call us at 1.800.245.1205 and we will design an Annual Education Package for you!


Live and Pre-Recorded Audio Conferences

Audio conferences are an inexpensive way to get up-to-date information on new accreditation requirements, fraud and abuse and EMTALA regulations, and guidance on difficult credentialing and medical staff issues, and much more. Sign up for audio conferences (CME credit is available for many of them) or choose CDs or MP3 files from audio conferences offered by HortySpringer over the past two years.

To browse our extensive library of CDs and MP3s, click here.

Seminar Registrations

HortySpringer has been offering seminars for hospital and health system executives, trustees and physician leaders for more than 30 years. We have always designed our programs with a team fee because we have found that it usually requires at least three or four Board members or physician leaders to implement changes or to move forward on any particular matter.

You can use the seminar registrations in your Annual Education Package to send a team to one seminar in one location, or you can use the registrations at multiple locations and for multiple programs.

For more information on all of the upcoming HortySpringer seminars, click here.

Customized On-Site Presentations

Have you attended a HortySpringer program and thought, “I wish everyone at the Hospital could hear this.” Is travel to a HortySpringer program not possible this year because of budget cuts? If so, then include a customized on-site presentation in your Annual Education Package.

On-site presentations can be:

  • intense half-day presentations on a single topic or issue; or
  • a full-day mini-version of one of our seminars; or
  • customized with topics that address particular issues your hospital is facing.