Tennessee Reporting Statute

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Tenn. Code Ann. §68-11-218. Reports of disciplinary action taken; immunity

(a)(1) The chief administrative official of each hospital or other health care facility shall report to the respective licensing board, committee, council, or agency any disciplinary action taken concerning any person licensed under title 63 or this title, when such action is related to professional ethics, professional incompetence or negligence, moral turpitude, or drug or alcohol abuse.

(2) “Disciplinary action” shall include termination, suspension, reduction, or resignation of hospital privileges for any of the reasons listed in subdivision (a)(1).

(3) The report shall be in writing and made within sixty (60) days of the date of the action.

(b) The hospital or health care facility shall make available to the respective licensing board, committee, council, or agency, for examination, all records pertaining to the disciplinary action taken, notwithstanding § 63-1-150, § 63-6-228, or any other provision to the contrary.

(c) Any individual who, as a member of any committee, employee, or contractor of any hospital or health care facility, files a report pursuant to this section, shall be immune from liability to the extent provided in § 63-1-150.