What are the Benefits of Using LegalSifter?

Increased Productivity

Contract review in a minute or two…

  • Documents are reviewed quickly using SIFTERS that are customized to spot specifics and to reflect preferred legal and commercial positions;
  • Legal budgets can be managed by working smarter and faster;
  • Alternative terms can be quickly and efficiently incorporated into a redline; and
  • Transactions can be completed more effectively and efficiently.

Consistent Quality

Combined intelligence is a new standard for quality…

  • Sifters provide a second set of eyes.
  • Sifters read your document to find important concepts that demand attention or are missing entirely.
  • Risks are reduced by providing consistent legal terms and best practices during the contract review and negotiation process.

Enhanced Value

The value potential of your people is increased…

  • Fewer back-and-forths in negotiations lower costs.
  • Work can be more efficiently allocated.
  • You can focus on delivering strategic value by streamlining business-as-usual contract review.