What is Combined Intelligence?

Combined Intelligence is the solution that uses LegalSifter‘s AI +  HortySpringer’s analysis. This gives you the ability to:

  • quickly review documents from other parties with “sifters” customized to reflect your organization’s preferred legal and commercial positions
  • drive consistency and reduce risk by providing consistent legal terms and best practices during the contract review and negotiation process
  • deliver strategic value by streamlining business-as-usual contract review

What are “Sifters”? 

Sifters are bits of software that are trained to read text, look for concepts that may be required for specific legal documents, and learn from experience and improve over time. These sifters will review a document and then identify important concepts that demand attention or are missing entirely.  Once sifted, you can then review a contract in a matter of minutes using AI combined with the customized analysis and sample contract language from HortySpringer.