September 2, 2021

“How many hospitals are requiring COVID-19 vaccinations?”

Answer:  In our podcast in June, we stated that “more and more” hospitals were requiring the vaccine, noting first and foremost Houston Methodist Hospital, where the vaccine mandate was challenged by employees but was ultimately upheld in federal district court.  Also at that time, most hospitals in Washington D.C., the 6 hospital University of Pennsylvania Health System, and Community Health Network in Indianapolis, among others, required vaccinations.

Since then, a few things have happened to alter the landscape one way or another, such as the Food & Drug Administration approving the Pfizer vaccine, some states passing laws that prevent mandatory COVID-19 vaccines (Benefis Health System was going to require vaccinations before Montana passed a law preventing the mandate), and the Delta variant ripping through the country.

In any event, according to the American Hospital Association, around 1,500 hospitals currently require vaccinations, which it states is around 25% of hospitals in the country.  As for whether this number will go up – we’re going to say “more and more” hospitals will require the vaccine.  “May you live in interesting times” – sure, but not this interesting.