Alaska Reporting Statute

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Alaska Stat. §08.64.336. Duty of physicians and hospitals to report.

(a) A physician who professionally treats a person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in this state for alcoholism or drug addiction, or for mental, emotional, or personality disorders, shall report it to the board if there is probable cause that the person may constitute a danger to the health and welfare of that person’s patients or the public if that person continues in practice. The report must state the name and address of the person and the condition found.

(b) A hospital that revokes, suspends, conditions, restricts, or refuses to grant hospital privileges to, or imposes a consultation requirement on, a person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in the state shall report to the board the name and address of the person and the reasons for the action within seven working days after the action is taken. A hospital shall also report to the board the name and address of a person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy in the state if the person resigns hospital staff privileges while under investigation by the hospital or a committee of the hospital and the investigation could result in the revocation, suspension, conditioning, or restricting of, or the refusal to grant, hospital privileges, or in the imposition of a consultation requirement. A report is required under this subsection regardless of whether the person voluntarily agrees to the action taken by the hospital. A report is not required if the sole reason for the action is the person’s failure to complete hospital records in a timely manner or to attend staff or committee meetings. In this subsection “consultation requirement” means a restriction placed on a person’s existing hospital privileges requiring consultation with a designated physician or group of physicians in order to continue to exercise the hospital privileges.

(c) Upon receipt of a report under (a) or (b) of this section, the board shall investigate the matter and, upon a finding that there is reasonable cause to believe that the person who is the subject of the report is a danger to the health or welfare of the public or to the person’s patients, the board may appoint a committee of three qualified physicians to examine the person and report its findings to the board. Notwithstanding the provisions of this subsection, the board may summarily suspend a license under AS 08.64.331(c) before appointing an examining committee or before the committee makes or reports its findings.

(d) If the board finds that a person licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy is unable to continue in practice with reasonable safety to the person’s patients or to the public, the board shall initiate action to suspend, revoke, limit, or condition the person’s license to the extent necessary for the protection of the person’s patients and the public.

(e) A physician, hospital, hospital committee, or private professional organization contracted with under AS 08.64.101 (5) to identify, confront, evaluate, and treat individuals licensed under this chapter who abuse addictive substances that in good faith submits a report under this section or participates in an investigation or judicial proceeding related to a report submitted under this section is immune from civil liability for the submission or participation.

(f) A physician or hospital may not refuse to submit a report under this section or withhold from the board or its investigators evidence related to an investigation under this section on the grounds that the report or evidence

(1) concerns a matter that was disclosed in the course of a confidential physician-patient or psychotherapist-patient relationship or during a meeting of a hospital medical staff, governing body, or committee that was exempt from the public meeting requirements of AS 44.62.310; or

(2) is required to be kept confidential under AS 18.23.030.

§08.64.345 Reports relating to malpractice actions and claims.

A person licensed under this chapter shall report in writing to the board concerning the outcome of each medical malpractice claim or civil action in which damages have been or are to be paid by or on behalf of the licensee to the claimant or plaintiff, whether by judgment or under a settlement. This report shall be made within 30 days after resolution of the claim or termination of the civil action.

§08.64.362 Limitation of liability.

An action may not be brought against a person for damages resulting from a report made in good faith to a public agency by the person or participation by the person in an investigation by a public agency or an administrative or judicial proceeding relating to the report if the report relates to a person licensed under this chapter.