South Dakota Reporting Statute

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S.D. Codified Laws Ann. §36-4-22.2 Report of facility suspending or revoking licensee’s privilege to practice medicine therein — Immunity.

Every facility licensed by the state where medicine is practiced which suspends or revokes the privilege of a licensee of the board of medical and osteopathic examiners to practice medicine therein for incompetence or unprofessional conduct as defined in this chapter shall report it in writing to the board including the factual basis of such revocation or suspension. Any report made to the board pursuant to this section shall be confidential and subject to the same restrictions set forth in §36-4-31.5 as evidence taken by the board on cancellation, revocation, suspension or limitation proceedings. A licensed facility, complying in good faith with this section, may not be held liable for any injury or damage proximately resulting from such compliance.