December 7, 2023

I recently finished reading the equivalent of “War and Peace” also known as the minutes of our regular Medical Executive Committee meeting.  Do you have any tips for what to include in minutes?

We love a good novel, too, and apologies to Mr. Tolstoy, but, meeting minutes don’t have to be akin to a 1,225-page novel set during the Napoleonic Wars.  Here are the Top Ten Tips for what to include in minutes:

  1. DO – write down the name of the committee that’s meeting.
  1. DO – write down the date of the meeting.
  1. DO – list who’s in attendance, and who’s absent.
  1. DO – list if there are any guests or visitors at the meeting.
  1. DO – note the time the meeting was called to order, who called it to order, and the time it was adjourned.
  1. DO – note whether it’s a regular or special meeting of the committee.
  1. DO – note that if it’s a special meeting, that notice was given to the committee members, and the way notice was given.
  1. DO – note whether a quorum was present.
  1. DO – note whether the previous minutes were read and approved.
  1. DO – note the result of the votes, for example, 7‑1

And, here’s a bonus tip that was developed due to the pandemic:

  1. DO – record whether a meeting was a virtual meeting. Also, for this tip, reflect that all participants were reminded of the confidentiality, privacy and security provisions of policies.

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