March 22, 2012

Question: Why does Horty Springer always schedule its audio conferences during clinic hours?  It is very difficult for a busy physician to carve out these blocks of time.  How about 11:30 or noon?

Answer: We get this question a lot, so we thought we’d take a minute to address it, as we have always struggled to find a time that works best for all.  The problem is that we serve physicians and hospitals in five different time zones!  This makes it difficult – if not impossible – for us to find a time that is convenient for all, or even most.

But don’t be discouraged!  We appreciate your interest in our programs and this is why we make all of our audio conferences available on CD and MP3.  This provides even the busiest professional the opportunity to listen at his or her convenience.


Check out our library of past titles on our new website (yes, we really do want to show it off!) or keep an eye out for upcoming audio conferences coming to an iPod near you!