Question of the Week


Questions have arisen regarding the quality of care provided by Dr. R. Kiner at the hospital.  The Chairs of our Credentials and Peer Review Committees, Dr. H. Wagner and Dr. P. Traynor, both say that a review, and not an investigation, should be performed concerning Dr. Kiner’s hospital practice.  Why is there a distinction?


Part of the answer is that an investigation is usually a much more formal process and is to be conducted in accordance with the investigation process described in the hospital’s Credentials Policy or Medical Staff Bylaws.  A review is less formal and may be conducted pursuant to a designated process, such as the peer review process, or a more ad hoc process.  Part of the answer is also legal.  A physician who relinquishes his or her medical staff appointment and/or clinical privileges either during or in lieu of an investigation is to be reported to the Data Bank.  That is not the case when a review is involved.