Question of the Week


Thanks for the answer in last week’s Health Law Express that when it comes to minutes, “don’t” record the details of any discussion, since less detail is better, except when it comes to making an adverse recommendation regarding a physician.  Do have any other “don’ts” that you can share with us?


Yes, another “don’t” is don’t record personal remarks unrelated to the committee’s business.  For example, if Dr. Smith’s competence is an issue, don’t record “Dr. Jones thinks that Dr. Smith is incompetent, mean to children, and kicks dogs.  But, Dr. Jones said that Smith must have a lot on his mind since his son was just arrested for heroin possession.”  The only issue before the committee that is relevant is Dr. Smith’s competence.  So record “The committee recommended that Dr. Smith’s clinical privileges for laparascopic cholecystectomies be revoked because of competence concerns.”

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