Fixed Fee Arrangements

Fixed Fee Arrangements

We have arrangements with many of our clients in which we provide a defined package of legal services for a fixed monthly fee. Typically, those legal services include the following:

Medical Staff Matters

  • Medical Staff documents, bylaws, rules and regulations
  • Peer review policy and supplemental documents
  • Medical Staff investigations
  • Credentialing policies and procedures
  • Initial appointment, reappointment and clinical privileges issues
  • Medical Staff policies
  • Consultations regarding all facets of Hospital-Medical Staff relationships

Corporate Matters

  • Corporate restructuring
  • Regulatory compliance and policies
  • Joint venture arrangements for clinical and non-clinical services
  • Corporate bylaws
  • Governance issues (indemnification, conflicts of interest, fiduciary responsibilities, etc.)
  • Strategic counseling for management and Board


Drafting, review and negotiation of:

  • Hospital-based physician contracts
  • Physician recruitment agreements
  • Physician practice acquisition and/or divestiture contracts
  • Physician employment contracts
  • Third-party payor and managed care contracts
  • Executive contracts

Fraud and Abuse

  • Consultations regarding fraud and abuse implications of transactions
  • False claims investigations and settlements
  • Antikickback investigations and settlements

Tax Exemption

  • Consultations regarding tax exemption implications of transactions/unrelated business income questions
  • Preparation of tax exemption applications for hospitals and related companies

Other Services

  • Patient care policies
  • Accreditation issues
  • Hospital licensure issues
  • Residency program accreditation and other resident issues

Education Services

A significant element of our practice is education. Often, registration for our seminars, subscriptions to our publications and registration for audio conferences is included in a fixed monthly fee.


The monthly fee varies depending on the services covered under the arrangement. Some hospitals have opted for a arrangement limited to telephone consultations or to a particular area, e.g., medical staff issues or fraud and abuse issues. With others, we have an arrangement in which the hospital has unlimited registrations to our seminars and audio conferences and subscriptions to our publications for a fixed monthly fee. Please contact us to discuss how a fixed fee arrangement might benefit your hospital.