Question of the Week

Question: Our CEO is hesitating to authorize travel for me (Medical Staff Professional) to attend one of your seminars along with our new Medical Staff leaders.  How can I convince her that it is a good idea?

Answer: More experienced physician leaders (and the CMO, if your hospital has one) can be your best allies to explain the wisdom of having you participate side by side with new leaders.  You serve as a point of continuity.  Your guidance is essential for the transition from one leadership term to the next.  Medical Staff Professionals are able, during the time spent at seminars, to “bond” with the team and pave the way for them to be more productive, efficient and confident in their readiness to perform their ever more important tasks.  New physician leaders will have questions as they learn, and if you are there, you can help them increase their understanding on the spot.  You can also identify issues that need follow-up, such as policies and bylaws that should be updated, and thus help the organization get the most value out of the seminar and the materials.  It will be time and resources well invested!  You are the physician leaders’ best resource and the more you are with them, the better able you will be to assist them.